Central PA Playwriting Competition Finalists

One Act Finalists

Peter Hardy, Kissing Jennifer in the Moonlight

Emily McCain. Summertime 1953

John Shea, Intervention

Shorts Finalists

Debra Cole, The Price of Freedom

Luke Herzog, The 7th Inversion

Guy Newsham, A Perfect Two, 10…9…8…

Patti Veconi, Guestbook

Julie Zaffarano, The Sign

One-Act Semi-Finalists*

Ronald Beaumont, Suspension of Disbelief

John Patrick Bray, St. John of Suburbia

Luke Herzog, The Nonsense Club, Pulling the Switch

James Holder, Seven Dresses

Reading Schedule for Finalists

Sunday, Sept 26

11:00 am            The Sign by Julie Zaffarano

11:30 am            The Price of Freedom by Debra Cole

Noon                  Guest Book by Patti Veconi

12:30 pm            10, 9, 8 by Guy Newsham

1:30 pm            Summertime 1953 by Emily McCain

3:00 pm            Intervention by John Shea

4:30 pm            Kissing Jennifer in the Moonlight by Peter Hardy

6:00 pm            The 7th Inversion by Luke Herzog

6:30 pm            A Perfect Two by Guy Newsham

*Plays selected as semi-finalists will be read during our Fall Reading Series.